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Being an Au Pair in Turkey

Being an au pair or nanny in Turkey is an experience with its rich culture, energic history, and warm hospitality. As an au pair in Turkey, you will not be busy just with childcare but you will become a part of the family, sharing in their customs, traditions, learning the Turkish language day by day in your life.

Turkey, which is a bridge Europe and Asia, both geographically and culturally offers a unique combination of Eastern and Western influences. This synthesis is reflected in the lifestyle of Turkish people, architecture in buildings, and even the food and cuisine, making it an amazing place for cultural engagement. As an au pair, you are exposed to this cultural melting pot, providing a vibrant scenery for your stay.

Being an au pair or nanny in Turkey often involves learning the Turkish language, which can be seem very difficult in the beginning but becomes an asset that enriches your global employability. Many families might offer you language lessons as part of the au pair program but you need to make it sure before you come in our zoom meeting.

Families in Turkey profusely value education, childcare experience, first aid certificate and playing some instrument and often seeking au pairs with a strong educational background about childcare to provide tutoring in various subjects with especially in English. This can be a perfect opportunity to share your knowledge and influence a child's life while also enhancing your teaching skills which will help you for your career in the future.

However, being an au pair or nanny in Turkey is not only good things but comes with its challenges as well. Cultural differences may lead to misunderstandings or feelings and also in the beginning having no friends migh give you a feeling of isolation, especially if you're from a markedly different background. But these challenges are also opportunities for personal growth and developing your skills.

The working hours and responsibilities might vary compare to any other countries, but typically include childcare, light housework, and sometimes cooking as well. It's important to establish clear expectations and boundaries from the start when we will have a zoom meeting with our host families to ensure a positive experience.

Living with a host family also offers a unique opportunity to form deep, lasting relationships where at the end you will become a part of family for years and years. Sharing meals, celebrating festivals, or simply spending time together can make you feel like you are already a Turkish citizen!

Come on join us with your application here and let us help you to find your perfect host family!

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