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Our Nannies

Carefully Selected Nannies Around the World

Au Pair in Turkey will assist you in matching with a nanny whose needs correspond to your experience, character, norms, values and education.

Finding the right nanny is very important to have a lovely nanny experience, which is why Au Pair in Turkey cares profusely the matching process and do interviews both with Nannies and Families as well.

​We want this experience to be a satisfying one and also an intercultural exchange for both sides, therefore we hand pick both families and nannies with compatible norms, values, interests, education and experience.

Our selected Nannies are interested to come to Turkey from all around the World. After we receive their applications we have an interview with each of them. Each nanny of us is unique and the characters and skills will differ from one nanny to another one. All the nannies we choose are very talented with their child care and language skills.

All of our nannies want the right family to join and continue their child care experience with them in a secure way. Our nannies are looking for an open-minded, educated, tolerant and humble families who will have a decent and valuable relationship with them.


They are aged between 18 and 50 years old

They speak one of the European languages properly 

They accept the rules and regulations of the program

They are open minded and flexible with their rules

They have at least a high school diploma

They have minimum two years of child care experience

They are aware of multicultural acceptance

They are full aware of the Au Pair program 

Happy family

Feel Secure with Au Pair in Turkey

Au Pair in Turkey team have been helping Nannies and Families with their requests for finding the most appropriate profiles for years.

We are aware of all the families wish the best for their children and care them profusely. We have been working with the same logic since we see their children as ours.

We want this experience to be successful for both sides and our team works very hard on this. After we match our families with nannies, we are always in touch with them since we see them as a big family of us!

Adorn Your Children's Education with a New Method

Nanny Program is very new to Turkey and Turkish people. Turkish families considerable take care of their children's education. It is very important for them. 

Slowly, as Turkey becomes a very important country in the world, Turkish people are more linked to the rest of the world. This creates the need of speaking another language. Nanny program provides a perfect learning way of speaking another language to the children. 

This program also provides a new method of learning another culture, norms, values and perfect communication skills.

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