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Advantages of Being an Au Pair in Turkey

We always hear that I was an Au Pair in Germany, France, US and so many other western countries, but we do not hear much about I was an Au Pair in Turkey. However, there's a great opportunity that you are missing which offers a unique and enriching experience - Turkey. In this blog post, let's explore various advantages of being an au pair in this vibrant, culturally rich country.

Cultural Immersion:

Turkey serves as an ideal location for cultural immersion and a melting pot. As an au pair, first you will have the opportunity to learn Turkish, a language with rich historical roots and lately many people are willing to learn from all around the world. You will also understand the country's specific customs and traditions. From the crowded bazaars to the inspiring architecture like the Hagia Sophia, Suleymaniye Mosque, Maiden Tower and of course the Blue Mosque, Turkey is a cultural experience like no other. This is not finishing only with Istanbul, many families they have summer houses in other cities where you can visit these cities as well with them such as; Bodrum, Çeşme, Antalya, Kuşadası, Datça and many others...

Affordable Living:

Compared to many Western and other countries, the cost of living in Turkey is lower than the other countries we have mentioned above such as France, UK, US, Canada, Germany and many others. This economical advantage allows au pairs to save more of their earnings or spend a little extra exploring the country's diverse landscapes and cities. You will have a big chance to save enough money to get a new brand car maybe when you are back to your own country after a year.

Wide Cuisine:

For food lovers, here we are also calling you to Turkey which is a paradise for that. As an au pair, you’ll get to savor authentic Turkish cuisine daily. We are sure, yes, you have heard about kebap but believe us this is not only about it. From our breakfast, lunch to dinner you have many things to learn as we eat at home.

Location Advantage:

Geographically, Turkey is a bridge between Europe and Asia, providing a unique blend of Eastern and Western cultures. This location also means it's an ideal base for traveling to other countries. You will see many good offers from Pegasus Airlines and Turkish airlines and other low-cost-airlines as well. As an au pair, your days off or vacation time can be used for quick trips to nearby countries. Before coming, we need to make sure about your days off.

Family Connection:

Being an au pair typically involves becoming part of the family. Turkish people are well known for their warmth and hospitality, so expect to have beautiful connections and long friendships with them. We have seen some experiences that even after 5 - 6 years, families and Au Pairs they are still in touch.

Educational Opportunities:

Turkey has many internationally recognized universities which offers very professional education. If you are interested in having your education here in Turkey after your experience, we could provide this opportunity for you to study at a lower cost in one of the best universities here. Believe us, saving one or two years here in Turkey with your experience you will have great chance to apply for your master and continue your studies here and a job guaranteed!

As a conclusion being an au pair in Turkey presents a lot of benefits from cultural side and low-cost living to very delicious food and travel opportunities. However, the most important advantage is the opportunity to become part of a Turkish family, experiencing the warmth, hospitality, and rich culture that this nation has to offer and learning the language. If you are ready to have this amazing experience with us, here please apply through our website!

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