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Turkey in year 2020


Turkey, with its 80 Million population, is a very important country in the World. Both culturally and geographically speaking, Turkey has been always the bridge between Europe and Asia. If we consider Middle East as another continent with its own culture and values, Turkey lately turned his eyes, vision and perspective to Middle East more than being a bridge between West and East. In 2020 we will experience this more and more.

Turkey is a secular country since 1923 and known as a European country since it is the candidate of European Union. Turkey applied for full membership on 14 April 1987. Lately, The President of Turkey, Erdogan, is taking Turkey’s route more and more to Middle East and away from Europe. If we look at Turkey’s tourism latterly, 80% of the hotel’s occupancy is being fulled by Arabs in Istanbul. Many sectors including real estate, agriculture, automotive turned their faces to Middle East as well.

As you might know, Turkey is also hosting 5 million Syrian Refugees in Turkey. Nowadays, you can see many people talking in Arabic in Turkey. They might be either Syrians or Arab tourists. Turkey is also being more and more famous and visited by Eastern countries such as; Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Turkmenistan and so forth.

Recently, there are growing tensions between Turkey and EU. These tensions forced Turkey to change their route and start to find some alternative ways. Since the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Europe has been always the role model for today’s modern Turkey and the biggest partner as well in terms of economy. Due to strong economic bonds between Europe and Turkey for many years, Turkey will be always an important country for Europeans and vice versa.

In 2019, after local elections in Turkey, there is a spark in the society which made people think that the era of president Erdogan will end in the next elections in 2023. We should also remember that 2023 will be the 100th anniversary of Turkey. Turkey economacially keeps growing and in 2020 the expectation is 5% growth for Turkey. Erdogan unveiled prototypes for Turkey’s electric domestic car (TOGG) at the end of 2019 and heralded the manufacture will start in 2020 and sales in 2021.

To summarize, Turkey is waiting to solve Syrian refugee problem in 2020 and wants to keep growing economically in 2020. Turkey, right now, is the 6th most visited country in the World and the goal is to be in top 5 most visited countries in the World. If you would like to come and discover Turkey with us never hesitate to contact us and require some information. We are always available for you.

The best way of discovering a culture is living in that country with its own citizens. Au Pair in Turkey gives you a perfect chance to discover a Turkish culture with a Turkish family as being a part of them. If you are interested in being an Au Pair in Turkey contact us right now!

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